Thursday, May 15, 2008

Indy aka Morgan Photos from a fun day out!

Here are some recent pictures of Indy and Summer out having fun once the rains were over.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Indy Loves the Terrain!!

August 17, 2007:
Hi, sending new pictures from a recent walk with the dogs. Pictures with my new camera came out much better in daylight than at dusk. (Learning how to use the camera before my trip to Africa next month).

Nature Boy!

August 14, 2007:
Indy is doing great and gaining weight, no longer has prominent bones. I took some pictures of him at the wildlife preserve - he has a WONDERFUL time running full tilt the whole time. He runs so fast that a lot of the images on my camera even on the sports setting are blurred, at least they did when I was taking pictures near dusk today (was too hot earlier in the day for a run). The last one of these would have been a great photo but wasn't well focuses, did what I could to edit it, but you can still see what a fine looking fellow he is. He and SUmmer are still getting along great and still play lots.


Wrestle Fun!

July 24, 2007:
Sending some pictures of Indy (formerly Jason Morgan) and Summer at play. Even though some of them look kind of fierce, they really were playing, which they do a LOT now (sometimes they don't even want to stop after the lights are out at night). Summer's ears are constantly wet from Indy's saliva these days. Serves her right, as she used to pul Val across the floor by the ear.


News from Morgan's forever home

July 4, 2007:
Hi, Carola

Jason Morgan seems to be settling in well in his new home, and looks forward to our once or twice a day walks. He's still on the retractable leash and I think will be for a while, as he doesn't really pay much attention to me while we're out, he's so excited and focused on the environment. Will sign up for an obedience class soon to work on that, but he's been great indoors, bonded to me immediately, has quickly picked up the doggie door and no accidents in the house. The first day didn't go too smoothly with him and my golden retreiver, but since then there have only been growling episodes that have not escalated, and overall they seem to be peacefully co-existing, although they have not warmed up enough to start playing together yet. Hopefully that will eventually come along.

He loves to run up and down the yard chasing bugs and birds, and seems to focus mostly on the area with groundcover which also has several trees, since the bugs and birds are more concentrated there. He entertains himself for long periods of time, as long as I am outside too, but if I am inside that's where he wants to be. I am attaching several photos of him at home. Can't take photos on our walks while I have him on a leash, but at some point may have someone come with us to take a few. It's been so hot we may head back to the beach again on Monday (having a summer heat wave currently). I'll keep in touch on how things are working out.

July 16, 2007:
Hi, Carola

He is settling in pretty well. He is giving Summer kisses and they are starting to play together. He is very avid about going out for our hikes to the point that we have started working on "door" manners, as no one can get out the door without him trying to squeeze through he is so eager to go, and his hopes are up any time I head anywhere near the door to the garage. He has been starting to calm down some on his walks in the wildlife preserve. He has the time of his life, runs like the wind continuously, finds dragonflies or birds to chase and goes leaping through the air. The tail never stops wagging frantically.

He is quite a character. Now that he and Summer are getting along, the biggest challenge we have to work on is his barking, which he seems to do quite a lot of, fortunately mostly in the house so it does not annoy the neighbors. Not sure I am going to make any headway on that one. As far as his name, I have to say I was not terribly fond of Jason Morgan as a dog's name, so I did rename him Indiana Jones (Indy for short) - seemed appropriate with his origins. He knows his new name (he is a very smart boy). He completed a course of a wormer last week, and I think he is starting to fill out a little (his spine doesn't seem as prominent) although he is still a little on the thin side. I will send more pictures when I take some next. Thanks for checking up on him.